Vancouver Intergroup Alcoholics Anonymous
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AA Hotline Volunteer Form

A 12-Step Volunteer is an active AA member with at least 6 months of continuous sobriety. Your commitment to 12-Step work entails a few simple things.

  1. Listing your name and phone number with the AA Hotline
  2. Be willing to talk to people on the phone who have an interest in getting and staying sober.
  3. Occasionally making yourself available to do face to face 12-Stepping with the assistance of another AA member, realizing you may be taking someone to their first AA meeting.


When a Hotline volunteer received a call from someone who is interested in AA, the volunteer will take their phone number and inform them that an AA memeber will call them back to discuss their situation and desire to learn about AA. As 12-steppers we call them and then listen eto them. We share our experience, strength and home tand then suggest an AA meeting. All situations are different and it is best to have an experienced 12-Stepper along when making a face-to-face meeting with a potential memember. Our Big Book covers working with others nicekly Please consider making yourself available foer 12-Step work. When a call is received we do your best oto contace an AA member closest to the callrs and their location. Be patient, at some point you will get a call.

    Willing to visit a member in the hospital?

    Willing to give an out-of-town visitor a ride to a meeting?